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In addition to untold suffering and weakening of the patient, COPD has a major impact in the economy. An approximate 50 billion a year are spent in palliative treatments for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Adult stem cell therapy is an option for treatment designed to harness the body with the stimulus of its own cells activated. Damage to the lungs from COPD cannot be fully reversed; however, symptoms can be reduced and the damage to tissues can be slowed down.

How do the cells work, you wonder; well, stem cells can act as immunomodulators in COPD patients. This means that stem cells may reduce inflammation in the alveoli (where respiration occurs) preventing further damage. This cells also have the property to transform into some damaged tissue, so the tissue that has been destroyed can be rebuilt. Also growth factors liberated by the stem cells may stimulate the formation of new capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) in the lung leading to tissue repair and better function.

There are several studies in humans and animals that demonstrate how Stem cells can repair lung tissue and the safety of the treatment. We are posting two for your review Please Click here to view “Experimental Basis and New Insights for Cell Therapy in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”. Click here to view “Adult stem cells for chronic lung diseases”.

Being diagnosed with COPD is scary. It has no cure and it affects the automatic process of breathing. Stem cell treatments for COPD, however, have been around about 10 years. The refined treatment has stunning effects on even the most advanced cause of COPD. Other treatments for COPD just prolong the progression of the disease and individuals continue to worsen over time. With stem cells, patients receive a higher quality of life. In some cases, patients experience a complete reversal of the disease. Stem cells are a great procedure for those infected with the COPD.

Why Stem Cells?

Stem cells have anti-inflammation properties, which makes it a natural fit for stem COPD. COPD also has lasting effects on the body, even when use the more common treatments for COPD. The medications just prolong the downward slide; it cannot halt them. Research has shown that stem cells can halt the progression and in most cases significantly improve the quality of life for the inflicted individual

Where and How Are The Stem Cells Obtained?

Adult stem cells are used in treating COPD. The cells are obtained from fat, also known as Adipose tissue, from the patient themselves. The procedure requires a minliposuction, the stem cells are separated from the fat and combined with Platelet Rich Plasma which contains growth factures that when combined with the fat help activate the cells. The entire procedure is done as a simple outpatient procedure.

Fat tissue contains the largest concentration of stem cells in the human body. All stem cells used in our procedures are adult stem cells and patients respond well to these stem cells in relation to their COPD.

In some cases we can obtain cells from bone marrow as well as peripheral blood.

How Do Stem Cell Treatments Work For COPD?

The stem cells are administered two ways. A large dose of stem cells are intravenously administered to the patient through an IV. A nebulizer breathing treatment loaded with stem cells or a stem celled loaded inhaler places the stem cell directly into the lungs. This one-two procedure insures that a large percentage of the stem cells travel through the circulatory systems to the lungs where it will do the most good for the COPD. Because of the destructive, long term nature of COPD, more than one treatment may be needed to reverse the effects of the disease on the lungs.

The stem cells encourage tissue regeneration and simulate stem cells to regenerated damaged tissue. The stem cells reduce lung inflammation and the destruction of lung tissue.

Does Stem Cell Treatment Work?

Yes! When used in conjunction with improved nutrition through a high-protein, vitamin-rich diet and smoking cessation, a good number of patients experience a better quality of life after the stem cell treatment.

What Kind of Follow Up Procedures Are Required?

For the next two years, you’ll need to have several pulmonary function and laboratory tests. You’ll also keep in touch with us as you go through the process to evaluate the effectiveness on the treatment. If the patient sees an improvement in their pulmonary function test we highly recommend a second treatment within 6 months of the first. We also recommend serrapeptase, nattokinase and vitamin D10 supplementation to increase the breakdown of scar tissue, reduce the occurrence of lung mucus, limit inflammation and improve your immune system. This is not required and only needs to last about 3 to 6 months after treatment.

Why Regenestem?

Regenestem provides our patients with the quality care they deserve along with the best stem cell treatments available for COPD. We find and hire the best doctors, scientists and staff in the world to man our facilities. And we stay on top of the latest studies, news and information surrounding our work. Our patients say positive things about our procedures and effects of the treatment. For example, Mary Furman of Oklahoma says of the effects of the treatment that “every week that passed I felt much better and was able to do things that I could not do when I was first diagnosed. I am so happy that I went through with the treatment, I was able to get my life back.” Another patient, Karelia Fernandez says “my lungs which is the main reason that I went do the procedure for have improved totally! The results have been so good that I have been taking less than half of all the medications I was taking and same with the oxygen which allows me to go back to work, I feel great!” 

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